Bufffet Menu List 2018

Special Occasion Catering

Mixed Plain sandwich platter
Small platter serves 8/10 32 quarters     £20.00

Cheddar cheese, Egg Mayo, Tuna Mayo, Honey roast Ham

Sandwich platter
Choose any 4 delicious fillings
Large platter serves 8/10, 32 quarters

Turkey and cranberry, Roast Pork and stuffing, Roast beef & horseradish, Honey roast ham and cheese
Bacon, lettuce and tomato with mayo, Cajun chicken with mango mayo
Salmon & cucumber, free range egg and chive mayo, Cheese & pickle

Vegetarian platter
Small platter serves 4/5, 16 quarters   £11.50

Cheddar, red Leicester, peppers, onion & herbs
Feta, roasted red peppers & rocket
Hummus & roasted Mediterranean vegetables
Egg & spring onion mayo

Wrap platter
Small platter serves 4/5, 16 quarters   £12.00

Feta with roasted peppers & rocket
BLT smokey bacon, cos leaves & tomato
Cajun Chicken with mango mayo
Hummus & roasted Mediterranean vegetables

Chicken platter
Large platter serves 10 (30 pieces)   £22.50

Chicken drumsticks, Chicken skewers, Chicken Goujons, salad leaves & mayo dip

Indian snack platter (v)
Large platter serves 10 (30 pieces)   £21.00

Samosas, Pakoras, Onion bhajis, salad leaves & mango mayo dip

Savoury platter
Small platter serves 10   £24.50

Sausage roll, Mini savoury tart, Mini Pork pie with chutney topping and mustard mayo dip

Ploughman’s platter
Small platter serves 10   £30.00

Cheddar cheese, honey roast ham, mini pork pie, mini sausage rolls, scotch egg, French sticks, chutney & pickles

Deli ciabatta platter
Small platter serves 5   £15.00

Selection of speciality fillings on toasted ciabatta
With sausage rolls & potato crisps


SO Buffet
£5.00 ph.

Mixed sandwiches (Cheddar cheese, Egg Mayo, Tuna Mayo, Honey roast Ham)
Chicken Goujons, Onion bhajis, Mini Pork pies, Sausage rolls.

Mini Buffet
£5.00 ph.

Mixed sandwiches (Cheddar cheese, Egg Mayo, Tuna Mayo, Honey roast Ham)
Mini Pork pies, Sausage rolls, pickled onions, Crisps, Mini cakes

Lunch menu
£7.50 ph.

Mixed sandwiches Cheddar & pickle, free range egg mayo, Roast ham & coleslaw
Roast chicken & stuffing.
Savoury, select any 3; Mini pork pies, sausage rolls, mini Cornish pasty’s, Onion bhajis,
Chicken skewers, cheese cubes and pickles come as a garnish
Crisps, Mini cakes.

Paper plates and napkins are included with the above.

Executive Lunch
£13.50 per head

Mini salad bowls

 Prawn cocktails, Tuna nicoise, rainbow orzo, poached salmon with new potato & rocket,
Smoked bacon & chicken Caesar, Mediterranean vegetable penne pasta
Soup of the day
Antipasti platter with Pate, olives & rustic bread
Crostini topped with chicken tikka, cherry tomato with mozzarella & basil,
Or smoked salmon & cream cheese
Chicken skewers with sweet chilli, curried, pesto or mixed herb coating
Selection of Wraps & Sandwiches
Root vegetable crisps
Fruit skewers
Assorted cakes

Choose any Two
Carrot, Chocolate brownie, Rocky road bar, Lemon drizzle, cherry Bakewell


Directors Lunch
£9.95 per head

    Mini salad bowls, Selection of sandwiches, Antipasti platter with smoked salmon, pate & olives
Rustic bread & butters, assorted cakes & crisps

Deluxe lunch
£10.50 per head

Mini salad bowls, Selection of sandwiches, Antipasti platter, Pate With rustic bread
Smoked Salmon & cream cheese crostini’s, crisps, Scones with jam & cream.


Cream cake selection (each) £1.35
Fresh cream scone with jam, vanilla slice & chocolate éclair.

Cake slice selection (each) £1.25
Bakewell slices, carrot cake, lemon drizzle, chocolate brownie, rocky road

Fruit skewers  £1.75 each        
Kettle crisps    90p Bag   

Individual Lunch boxes   £5.50
Choose any one from each category

Sandwich OR wrap
Cheddar cheese sandwich, Egg Mayo, Tuna Mayo or Honey roast Ham
BLT wrap, Feta roasted red pepper or Hummus & roasted Mediterranean vegetables.

Savoury items
Sausage roll, Pork pie, Scotch egg, Quiche, Red onion tart,

Chocolate brownie, carrot cake, lemon drizzle or rocky road

Mixed Fruit pot


Bento Boxes 

English afternoon tea
Finger sandwiches (cheese, salmon, egg mayo & Ham),
Savoury tart, Scone with cream, strawberry conserve & fresh strawberries.

Cheese selection, Honey roast ham, rustic bread, Scotch egg, chutney & pickles

Antipasti meats, Olives, Feta cheese & roasted red peppers
Italian bread & salad


Special Occasion Catering

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