Evening Food Bars

Chip & Cheese Bar

Chips and cheese bar serves 100 guests £250

Served in funky paper cones and wooden forks
French fries or chunky chips with grated cheese, mayo, sour cream & chives, red sauce

Nacho Bar

Nacho bar serves 100 guests £350

Beautifully presented funky style self-serve nacho bar. Nachos displayed in brown paper bags and boxes your guests will go along the bar and build their own nacho box
Chilli beef, Tomato salsa, sour cream, guacamole, cheese, spring onions

Big pan cooking bar

Big pan cooking bar serves 100 guests £850.00

Choose 1 main & 2 sides
Cooked in front of your guest in giant pans choose one main and two sides
Mains; Chilli con carne, Tartiflette, curry, frittata, mac &cheese, pasta & meatballs 
Sides; Rice, rustic bread, salad, naan, onion bhajis

Burger & bap bar

Serves 100 guests £875.00

Let’s face it, everyone loves them, the great British Burger. SO that’s why we decided to do a small simple burger menu made from good honest ingredients
Our burgers are served in a brioche bun, with lots of delicious toppings and sauces
“Gluten-free buns are available.”
Beef burger, chilli burger, jerk chicken burger, garlic & herb chicken burger.

Toppings; Beef tomato, cheese, coleslaw, baby, crispy bacon, gherkins, burger relish, mayo, chilli relish, sauté onions

Pulled Pork bap with bbq sauce and homemade coleslaw
Slow cooked pork bap with stuffing & apple sauce
Bacon and sausage baps Serves 100 guests £500.00
Thick cut local quality bacon & pork sausage in a soft white bap with sauces
Jacket potato bar Serves 100 guests £600.00
Everyone loves a jacket favourite, served with butter and a selection of fillings, from cheese & beans five bean chilli, coleslaw & chilli con carne 

S`mores Bar
S’mores bar serves up to 100 guests £250

Great fun and party at the rustic s’mores bar. Roast a marshmallow on the indoor bbq flame and sandwich together with chocolate…yummy. Vanilla marshmallow, strawberry marshmallow, dessert crackers and chocolate bars

Waffle Bar
Dessert Waffle bar serves 100 guests £350

Super light waffles cooked to order in front of your guests with a selection of toppings …who could resist a warm freshly cooked waffle…delicious summer fruits, mini fudge, chocolate drops, chocolate sauce, ice cream and maple sauce

All above come with paper plates/boxes, napkins & wooden forks

If you require further information on the allergen content of our foods, please ask and we will be happy to assist

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