Paella Pan

Enjoy this traditional Spanish dish served straight from the pan to bring that extra theatre to your event.
Our paella can be served in the traditional sense or you can have it served in our retro mini-paella pans, direct to each table. This style of paella catering means that your guests will not have to queue.
We offer paella catering for weddings, private parties, corporate events, gaming events, product launches, shooting events, fashion shows and more.
Paella is such a great way to feed people, with the guests often flocking around our giant paella pans, in anticipation of the Spanish themed feast about to be served.
If you would like a feast-style of paella catering for your wedding or event, we can serve the paella in our mini paella pans, which resemble the giant paella pans we cook in.


Traditional Paella:

A mix of chicken or rabbit with mixed sea foods; cooked in saffron- spiced rice

Seafood Paella:

A selection of sea foods cooked in saffron- spiced rice.

Vegetarian Paella:

All our paellas are generously laden with only the best quality meats, seafood & vegetables sourced as locally as possible. All are made with red peppers, green beans, tomatoes and Paella rice


The original Chicken paella made with tender Chicken thigh fillet or traditionally with chicken on the bone if you prefer

Chorizo & Pollo:

Chicken Thigh Fillet or bone meat made with smoked or spicy Spanish Chorizo Sausage and Rosemary


Seafood paella made with Tiger or King Prawns, Squid, Cod or Haddock fillet & Mussels (optional)

Luxury Marisco:

Sumptuous Seafood paella made with your choice of:- Monkfish, Lobster, Crevettes, Scallops, Crab claw, Clams, Tiger or King Prawns, Squid & Mussels, Cod or Haddock fillet
– depending on your budget and seasonal availability


Classic paella made with a combination of Chicken & choice of Seafood – ideal to suit everyone’s taste

Arroz Negra:

Deliciously rich Seafood Paella made with Tiger or King Prawns, Red Pepper and Squid Ink to give the rice a characteristic black colour and a superb flavour

Albondigas (Meatball Paella)

Traditional Spanish Meatballs with paella rice and a selection of vegetables – Red Pepper, Chickpeas and Green Beans
A great choice for children, or as an alternative to a rice dish.

Paella Verdura – Vegetarian

Our delicious vegetable paella made with Asparagus, Chestnut Mushrooms, Red Peppers, Chickpeas and Green Beans with a stock seasoned with Rosemary as standard.