Where did Tapas come from?

Tapas comes from the word Tapa “lid”. Andalucian innkeepers would cover the customers wine glass with dried bread to keep out the flies, they then came up with the idea of balancing a morsel of something tasty on top of the bread slice. A few cubes of cheese or ham for their customers to nibble on; and so the Spanish institution was born.  

Welcome to world of Tapas.

Tapas gives a true feast for the senses that brings a little Spanish sunshine to a cloudy day.
Tapas goes hand in hand with hospitality, friendship and plenty of good conversation.
Let us indulge you with small mouthfuls of delicious savoury foods. The food for any occasion.


Enjoy our traditional Tapas dishes served on table centre platters with traditional tapas bowls.

10 course Main
£27.00 per head

Skewers of green & black olives, cornichons, anchovies with Piquillo peppers & cocktail onions.
Chorizo and Parma ham slices, tortilla crisps, paprika & chilli mayo dip, olive oil & balsamic dip & sliced ciabatta breads.
Ham and cheese Croquets, crunchy on the outside, light and fluffy on the inside
Moorish marinated kebabs choose from chicken, lamb or pork
Crispy deep fried Whitebait served with Garlic Mayonnaise
King prawns lightly fried in chilli & garlic
Patatas Bravas, crispy potato cubes served with a spicy tomato Sauce.
Calamari rings lightly battered served with garlic mayonnaise & lemon wedges
Spanish meatballs made with Beef and Pork mince in a Spicy Tomato Sauce
Sautéed chicken thigh fillet in a smooth chorizo sauce topped with toasted almonds


Evening Tapas Street style
Serves minimum 100     £850

Choose any 3 from above selection


Evening Paella Party Street style

Enjoy this traditional Spanish dish served straight from the pan to bring that extra theatre to your event.
Serves minimum 100     £850

Choose from our selection of;

Pollo: The original Chicken paella made with tender Chicken thigh fillet or traditionally with chicken on the bone if you prefer
Mixta: Classic paella made with a combination of Chicken & choice of Seafood – ideal to suit everyone’s taste
Paella Verdura – Vegetarian: Our delicious vegetable paella made with Asparagus, Chestnut Mushrooms, Red Peppers, Chickpeas and Green Beans with a stock seasoned with Rosemary as standard.

Served in individual boxes with napkins & wooden forks
All our paellas are generously laden with only the best quality meats, seafood & vegetables.
Mixed with red peppers, green beans, tomatoes and Paella rice.

If you require further information on the allergen content of our foods, please ask and we will be happy to assist

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